Local Community Benefit and Involvement Plan

Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd is a business that focuses on obtaining works, contracts and projects within regional, rural and remote communities of Queensland. As we are consistently working within various communities it has become our commitment to give back to the very communities that provide us with work opportunities when and where we can.

For the last number of years many small/medium sized businesses and communities in general have been experiencing economic hardship and we consider one of the greatest benefits of such hard and challenging economic times is to ensure we do our best to work with others as much as we can, including communities and other small/medium sized businesses, like ourselves.


To give back to the very communities that provide Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd with work opportunities where and when we can.

This is to be achieved through;

  • Providing time, expertise, funds, opportunities and resources
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities for economic growth or stimulus within the communities
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities to provide positive support and involvement in social, physical and environmental areas within the communities
  • The development of plans, objectives and targets