Our People

The people that work on our projects are an experienced and skilled team in their chosen field that have worked together on numerous projects and are a highly motivated, practical and safety focused team.

We predominantly aim at having our working crews made up of a minimum of 75% of the working crew being ‘tried and proven’ employees who know, understand and appreciate our company’s values, work ethic and performance requirements, with a priority focus given to employing within the community we are working at the time.

We maintain a rather flat working business structure as it allows all communications to occur instantly and it provides for hands on working supervision of all our projects to ensure performance and targets are consistently met.

Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd will ensure all it’s employees are suitably licenced/ticketed and competent to perform the work tasks/activities that are assigned to them during any works.

As Harcoo Enterprises is also an Equal Employment Opportunity organisation we encourage and promote that our employees become competent to perform any work tasks/activities assigned to their position within the organisation. Internal and external training of our employees is fundamental to our company objectives of ensuring the safety, health and welfare of our organisation.

To ensure our employees are appropriately licenced/ticketed, and competent to perform the required work tasks/activities, Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd maintains a Register of this information within our Operational Management Manual.

How is competency demonstrated?

Evidence of appropriate training and instruction for the type of plant to be operated at Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd will include:

  • a statement of attainment or other nationally recognised qualification
  • training completed at an industry training school
  • on-the-job training conducted by an experienced competent person
  • current relevant experience.

Harcoo Enterprises Pty Ltd ensures any employee who is required to carry out one or more high risk activities must comply with the following requirements before the employee is assigned a High Risk work activity;

  • Has the appropriate High Risk Work Permit Licence
  • Has experience in completing this kind of work
  • We have a SWMS to follow on this work activity
  • The necessary supervisory support is available